26 October 2012

Skyfall Props

Today marks the release of the 23rd Bond Movie Skyfall. For the film we produced the Opium Den benches, chairs and lanterns as well as many pieces of furniture within Bond’s childhood home.

All of the Bond furniture was engineered in order to withstand (or not withstand) the action that occurred around them. Breakable and non-breakable props were designed and used in order to adhere to the demands of Skyfall’s high action theme, for example in many scenes of the movie you witness many of our props exploding.

Our cover image is courtesy of collinder.com. Below are a few photos of the pieces before they left our workshop all are © Dick George Creatives Ltd. The piece below was also created in conjunction with Bluebell & George.

Props for Skyfall opium den

Props for Skyfall lanterns


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