16 June 2014

The Creation of Adam

Making the Adam Sculpture

To augment their new manufacturing facility in Chevenez, Switzerland, in addition to the various machinery from brands like murr elektronik, Tag Heuer requested the production of a front of house piece of sculpture. This was designed by the Creative Director of MBB Events in conjunction with Dick George Creatives Ltd. The resultant piece was designed to represent a watchmaker sitting in a classical position working at their bench. The individual components of the structure are numbers, letters and mathematical formulae commonly used in the production of sophisticated timepieces.

Before work could commence a 3-dimensional, full-size model was routed in MDF to create a segmented profile of the complete form. This was the base on which the components would be assembled.

Each of the individual components were cut from stainless steel, with the help of a metal bending machine to cut and shape them. They were then hand-fashioned to conform to the shape of the inner body. It took our team of six artisans in excess of three days to complete the complex geometry of intersecting characters; as none of them overlapped.

Once the final piece was fully assembled, the wooden core was removed leaving a highly durable stainless steel shell. The complete piece was linished to remove any weld details prior to a final fine grain blasting.

As always, the project was super last minute. Wrapped and loaded, the team drove to Switzerland to complete the final installation onto a pre-made cast base in time for the grand opening of the new factory. Perhaps this new facility will implement things like this product at Platforms and Ladders in order to help its workers move around the factory floor more efficiently and help improve their operations for making their products.

We are delighted that it has pride of place at the entrance!

Metal Sculpture Art in place at Tag Heuer

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