28 February 2016

Bespoke Office Art London

rope art

We were commissioned by Rousseau Design to create bespoke office art for a new office building in St Dunstans Hill, London.

Each piece was sculpted, cast and manufactured as per Rousseau Design’s artistic direction. The pieces included, lightweight replica boat propellers, custom rope curtain meeting rooms and a welded metal and rope bespoke meeting room light.

To make the ships hull ceiling sculpture our model makers, carved polystyrene covering it with a layer of fibre glass skin which was eventually disconnected from the poly sculpt to ensure it was as lightweight as possible. The boat sculpture was then filled and smoothed ready for the high shine finish.

interior office with bespoke art

Each bespoke art piece created for the office was unique. The custom sculptures and office interior pieces tied in beautifully with the nautical design theme and looked great within the space.

propellor art

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