31 October 2017

Making history – the art of museum props

Sparking curiosity to learn about the past

Creating bespoke pieces for museum exhibitions and events is one of our favourite activities at Dick George Creatives. The chance to design and make something that is truly unique and beautiful, while at the same time helping to further knowledge and spark people’s curiosity about the past is something we shall never take for granted.

We have worked with museums, heritage centres and galleries across the world, producing display props and installations for permanent and temporary exhibitions on a vast range of subjects. Projects have ranged from large sculptures and replicas to smaller models and visitor signage. No museum job is too large or too small, and we can work with any medium and pretty much any brief to make museum quality props right down to the fine detail.

Research and attention to detail means the museum props we create are totally authentic

This creative freedom extends to set designs, structures and backgrounds for museum exhibitions too, for which we carry out extensive research to ensure authenticity and attention to detail. We are often called upon to create antique replicas that cannot be told apart from the real thing. Favourite models amongst our team include animals, especially those with intricate markings or fur.

It is an exciting challenge for our quality modelmaking skills to get these crucial details just right. After all, our audience will be made up of numerous experts in their own field, who will spot discrepancies a mile away. Often, we will be working with world-class experts in their field of historical research, or using precious documents, drawings and other primary sources of evidence to inform our quality modelmaking.

Museum props can be ‘played’ with

Another challenge for us at Dick George Creatives is the growing trend for interactive museum exhibits and animatronics. Naturally, there is a lot more involved on the engineering side of things, however, we also must take into account the added wear and tear involved when the public are invited to touch, twist, prod and play with our models. It is not uncommon for us to create more than one identical version of such a museum prop to ensure its longevity and allow for uninterrupted renovation.

We count replica animals, costumes, aircraft, sculptures, buildings and even a fully working waterwheel amongst our recent museum props and models. Each one represents a different challenge and each one is now playing its part in sharing knowledge of the past with those who see and interact with it. Many of our film, theatre and TV props have also made it into museums and galleries, thanks to their authenticity and undisputed place in the history of our popular arts and entertainment culture. Others have found new homes in theme parks and family attractions.

Preserving history

Above all, our museum pieces are designed to inform, entertain and withstand the test of time. A lasting contribution to the passing of time.

Do you have a museum project in need of a quality prop or set piece? Let our team’s expertise and passion for recreating the past bring your concept to life! All you need to do is give us a call on 020 8339 2555 or email info@dickgeorge.co.uk.

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