07 October 2018

Llamas appear across Europe

If you are a fan of the online game Fortnite you will be familiar with the Llamas, which were introduced in version 3.3. Fortnite has recently taken over the world, with millions of people worldwide playing the game. Some people have made careers out of playing Fortnite, whilst others compete professionally in e-sport competitions. These competitions are popular, with some people even gambling on competitors. If you’re interested in finding out more about how to bet on esports, you could look into gambling websites to see if they offer the service. However, the majority of people just play Fortnite for fun with their friends on the multiplayer mode. They play as teams, communicating with each other, and using teamwork to ensure they all remain alive. Good motor skills and muscle memory make good Fortnite players. These aspects can be trained and honed through training programs like Aiming.Pro that are available online. You can check out the Aiming.Pro aim trainer here. When playing as a team, players will need a good internet connection to make sure they stay up to date with the game and don’t start lagging. If the game starts lagging, players will be out of sync with their teammates, making them more vulnerable. To solve this issue, a strong internet connection is required. By visiting https://www.satelliteinternetnow.com/, for example, players of the game could look into satellite internet. This is believed to be good for streaming, so it might be worth trying to swap your internet over. Hopefully, that will help with any internet connectivity issues.

In the lead up to the release of season 5, Fortnite teased their fans with pop-up promotions of Llamas that appeared in key, secret locations around Europe, one of which was central London.

Another llama toured the capital with its head protruding through the top of a London black cab and was photographed outside key landmarks around the city.

Lamas across Europe
Image credit: Fortnitelad on Instagram

Now that the secret is out, we can reveal that Fortnite asked us to produce eight, 2-metre-high, 3-dimensional llamas, accurately recreating the llama character in the blockbuster game.

Working to tight deadlines

In our world we are used to tight timelines however, with this project it did run up to the wire.

At one point we had three, long-wheel based vehicles parked up outside our studio waiting to dispatch them to their European locations, as soon as the paint was dry!

Turn-around time from start to finish was less than three weeks.

The project was hugely successful generating a lot of interest and internet traffic, Fortnite was over the moon!

The llamas became so iconic that they were used as a centrepiece at the Cologne convention, Gamescom.

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