25 February 2020

Raising money for the charity War Child

As part of our ongoing support for immensely worthy causes we are, this year, raising money for the charity War Child. In support of them, Dick is riding the 100 mile Ride London bike ride this August.
war child logo

The War Child organisation does amazing work in supporting young people in conflict and war-torn situations which, when you do the analysis, is an alarmingly high number of countries around the globe. Their aim is to empower vulnerable children, to overcome the horrific circumstances of war and give them the tools to build their confidence and positively rebuild their lives.

Any donations and support which you could give would be amazing. Just follow the link below. Every single pound makes a significant difference.

In anticipation, thank you so very much for your wonderful support.

At the end of August, Dick is also doing the 10km Dart Swim which, in his world, is the least of his worries as he has calculated that he hasn’t been on a road bike for 25 years!

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