09 March 2020

Flashback Friday – James Bond Skyfall Props

With the imminent return of 007 in No Time to Die, rumoured to be Daniel Craig’s last, we were reminded of his previous outings as the British special agent and, in particular, Skyfall.

We were thrilled to be involved with such an iconic movie and all which that entails.

We manufactured all of the furniture in the Opium Den. The designs were of a classic oriental, black, lacquered, fretwork, the majority of which was laser-cut in 28mm MDF.

We elected to go down this route so that we could create all of the individual sockets, rebates and assembly dowels so that the multitude of individual pieces could be assembled relatively quickly. The items were then embellished with large bronze cast plates, these were manufactured from a gold in-moulded PU resin. We also manufactured a very large quantity of lacquered, fretwork lamp covers and shades all of which were made using the same process.

We manufactured the furniture for Bond’s childhood home. The main consideration for this build was that it needed to be engineered so that it could withstand, or not, the action which occurred around it. There were A LOT of explosions!

chair prop from James Bond's childhood home

detailed carving on chair prop from James Bond's childhood home

detailed carving on chair prop of crown

For these scenes we needed to make repeat versions of antique furniture. From an original antique chair we created two-part silicone moulds from which we produced large castings. These castings were all finished, assembled and stained to resemble the original chair.

oriental chair prop for skyfall

oriental screen prop for skyfall

Breakable and non-breakable props were designed in order to adhere to the demands of Skyfall’s high action, adrenalin-fuelled scenes. All of the furniture needed to be made from wood as the base material, we couldn’t use any synthetics or MDF, as ultimately they were going to be burned.

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