05 March 2020

Use of Props in Experiential Marketing

What is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential Marketing is an immersive advertising experience for the consumer. This allows the consumer to be fully enveloped in the product, engaging all of their senses thus creating an emotional and memorable connection to the brand. The aim is to influence purchase decisions and generate customer loyalty. Social media can be invaluable in playing a large and positive part in generating interest and audience participation in these types of brand experiences.

Use as a Marketing Strategy

Experiential Marketing intends to make a brand stand out from its competitors. Such Marketing Campaigns can range from one-off, pop-ups with free giveaways to fully immersive experiences like what a Promotional Branded Food Truck does. Whether you are meeting your favourite sports star with the intention of winning the latest trainers, whilst being surrounded by the shoes you can purchase or taking part in a brand event where you spend the day in a computer-generated world sponsored by the brand, these are memorable experiences that you will not forget.

In a world where competition amongst brands can be fierce, what better way to gain customers than by making them feel extra special and therefore procuring their loyalty.

Creating Real Life Versions of Digital Characters

This is one of our on-going and regular challenges, to create 3-dimensional objects which only actually exist in a digital, animated world.

Trolls – Poppy’s Coronation

For this marketing event, Allington Castle and its grounds were transformed into a giant Trolls play area with many fun activities for the invited guests to take part in and celebrate in Poppy’s Coronation.

poppys coronation throne

We created a fantasy world in which invited guests could fully immerse themselves in the world of Trolls. As these are very well-known and colourful characters, all of the details needed to be ultra-realistic, albeit from a digital world!


For the launch of the latest computer game we were approached to build, some of what would eventually come to be known as some of the game’s iconic pieces.

This was challenging as these pieces did not exist in the real world. We built a 2.5 metre diameter Doomwheel which, in the game, is driven by a mutant rat. This needed to comply with all Health and Safety regulations as it was to be used by the invited guests; press, influencers and games world journalists, as a ride-on photo op. To add to the complications, the actual finished piece was outside of that which could be easily transported and therefore had to be made in demountable sections.

warhammer doom wheel

We manufactured other pieces; the Bell of Doom, a large glowing crystal and the Skaven bar which were then installed at the disused Victorian Pumping Station to enhance the ambience.

warhammer doom wheel

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