17 September 2023

Helen Mirren arrives in our sedan chair for the premier of Catherine the Great

We were approached by Sky to design and build a period sedan chair to carry Helen Mirren onto the Red Carpet. The Premier was at the Curzon Street Cinema in Mayfair and they wanted her to arrive in style, carried by four Cossacks.

Once the project outline was agreed we had just four weeks to complete the luxurious sedan chair.

Helen Mirren arriving in the sedan chair prop

Our team researched the design of the chair so that it was authentic for the period. We sought out period fabrics and found the perfect design, which was a duck egg blue brocade. This perfectly matched one of the period costumes that Helen would be wearing for one of the episodes.

We needed to ensure that the sedan chair gave maximum visibility of the star. This was a huge PR and photo opportunity and we designed glazed panels all around.



The chair was constructed as a super lightweight steel frame, clad in thin birch ply. It was then upholstered throughout, with beautiful detailing. Internally we made plush seating in grey velvet.

The Sedan chair was designed to be carried by four of our team dressed as Cossacks. We specifically designed the two carrying handles, to slide into a hidden recess, so when the chair was lowered for Helen to step out, they would not detract from the photo opportunities.

We also carried out site surveys and risk assessments prior to the event to ensure smooth running.

It was lovely to meet Helen Mirren, who was absolutely charming and complimented us on the design of her luxurious transport.


Helen Mirren’s entrance onto the red carpet was indeed a spectacular affair and well received by the press and the fans that were waiting. You can read and see further images in the coverage by Metro.

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