17 November 2019

Helen Mirren arrives in our sedan chair for the premier of Catherine the Great

Photographer taking picture of Helen Mirren arriving at the premier of Catherine the Great

We were approached by Sky to design and build a period sedan chair to carry Helen Mirren onto the Red Carpet. The Premier was at the Curzon Street Cinema in Mayfair and they wanted her to arrive in style, carried by four Cossacks. Once the project outline was agreed we had just four weeks to…

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26 March 2018

Taking on Tomb Raider

The making of the scroll prop for film tomb raider

We were delighted to be involved in creating a series of key props for the latest Tomb Raider film starring Alicia Vikander. It was great fun working with the art department and solving some of the creative challenges that always come up when creating large props. Here, in our workshop, you can see the steel…

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07 December 2017

Large props: Our most challenging makes

Da Vinci Code Cryptex

The Fantastic Five: most challenging large prop makes We like to think that no challenge is too great for our talented team to handle. No job too big, too detailed, too intimidating or too bizarre. Over the years we have created hundreds and hundreds of models, mock-ups and props and it is genuinely impossible to…

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26 February 2016

Flashback Friday: Ligthweight Canoe for Television Advert

Canoe Prop for TV Advert

This Friday we thought we’d share some photos of a past project where we created a lightweight canoe for a television advert for Citroen Vans. We made the piece in under a week out of a lightweight poly-foam. It’s a great idea for an advertising campaign and it still makes us smile today.

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06 November 2015

Flashback Friday: Prop Makers for The Mummy movie

Props for the film The Mummy

Every Friday we thought we would share some of the film and television props from our back catalogue. This week we thought it would be fun to share some of the film props we created for The Mummy. The Mummy was a major film production that we had the privilege of being prop makers for back in…

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29 September 2015

Partners in Crime TV series Props

Bomb prop for tv

Earlier this year we were part of the making of the BBC TV series, Partners in Crime¬†and created a number of different props. The series featured David Walliams and Jessica Raine as Agatha Christie’s crime fighting husband and wife duo. We worked alongside Claudia Parker, the set dresser for the series and created an array…

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13 August 2014

Fury Tank Interior Set

Second World War Sherman Tank Replica

We had a very busy summer last year working on both Fury and Into the Woods at the same time. Fury was a very fast paced experience and we built the whole interior set of the tank in under 6 weeks. The challenge was to create the interior panels  to match the World War 2…

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Into the Woods Props and Scenery

Into the Woods scene

(All shelving, scales, baker’s counter created by Dick George Creatives) Finally the film is out and we can share with you the props we made for Into the Woods. We worked alongside Anna Pinnock who was the Set Dresser for the movie and had the opportunity to create a great deal of fairytale props. The story…

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09 April 2013

Jack the Giant Slayer Props

Jack the Giant Slayer

Jack the Giant Slayer was recently released in cinemas; we’ve been waiting since 2011 to share with you what we produced for the movie and now we can. Amongst recreating the crown jewels and multiple street lamps we also created two full size giant helmets each reaching over 1.5m in height.Below are a few images…

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26 October 2012

Skyfall Props

Lantern props made for skyfall

Today marks the release of the 23rd Bond Movie Skyfall. For the film we produced the Opium Den benches, chairs and lanterns as well as many pieces of furniture within Bond’s childhood home. All of the Bond furniture was engineered in order to withstand (or not withstand) the action that occurred around them. Breakable and…

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