29 September 2015

Partners in Crime TV series Props

Bomb prop for tv

Earlier this year we were part of the making of the BBC TV series, Partners in Crime and created a number of different props. The series featured David Walliams and Jessica Raine as Agatha Christie’s crime fighting husband and wife duo. We worked alongside Claudia Parker, the set dresser for the series and created an array…

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13 August 2014

Fury Tank Interior Set

Second World War Sherman Tank Replica

We had a very busy summer last year working on both Fury and Into the Woods at the same time. Fury was a very fast paced experience and we built the whole interior set of the tank in under 6 weeks. The challenge was to create the interior panels  to match the World War 2…

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Into the Woods Props and Scenery

Into the Woods scene

(All shelving, scales, baker’s counter created by Dick George Creatives) Finally the film is out and we can share with you the props we made for Into the Woods. We worked alongside Anna Pinnock who was the Set Dresser for the movie and had the opportunity to create a great deal of fairytale props. The story…

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09 April 2013

Jack the Giant Slayer Props

Jack the Giant Slayer

Jack the Giant Slayer was recently released in cinemas; we’ve been waiting since 2011 to share with you what we produced for the movie and now we can. Amongst recreating the crown jewels and multiple street lamps we also created two full size giant helmets each reaching over 1.5m in height.Below are a few images…

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26 October 2012

Skyfall Props

Lantern props made for skyfall

Today marks the release of the 23rd Bond Movie Skyfall. For the film we produced the Opium Den benches, chairs and lanterns as well as many pieces of furniture within Bond’s childhood home. All of the Bond furniture was engineered in order to withstand (or not withstand) the action that occurred around them. Breakable and…

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10 October 2012

Numbers Never Lie Desk Mechanism for ESPN

Desk Mechanism for Numbers Never Lie

A few months ago we were approached by ESPN to create a bespoke mechanism to be used within a desk for their remodelled set of Numbers Never Lie. The carousel is made up of eight polished cylinders, each of which contain a capsule that is launched up through the desk. At a given time within…

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17 August 2012

ESPN Brazil Olympic Studio Set London 2012

Close Up of TV Set for Brazilian Olympics

For this summer’s London 2012 Olympics we joined forces with ESPN Brazil to help them bring their Olympic Studio vision to life. Two interchangeable sets were built for the studio: one containing a movable rostrum with a mounted desk and the second a more relaxed arrangement with a coffee table setting and the Olympic logo.…

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16 April 2012

Dark Shadows Medallion

Dark Shadows Medallion

We have been waiting since last year to start talking about this project. The trailer which has finally been released can be watched here. Within it there are glimpses of some pieces we made for the movie; including the numerous locks that hold Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp) inside his coffin and the Ruby Medallion. Find…

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08 December 2011

Hugo Automaton – No visual Effects Needed

Film prop

Our Hugo journey stretched over 8 months within which our team of 26 dedicated prop makers produced 15 automata. Each of the mechanical men were tailor-made to work within particular scenes of the motion picture. We created two fully functional writing automata, as well as  lightweight models for Hugo (Asa Butterfield ) to run with. Take…

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21 November 2011

Hugo Filmmakers

With only two days until the US premier of Hugo on the 23rd of November, we are seeing more and more glimpses of the final 3D world Martin Scorsese and his team have created. From our point of view at Dick George Creatives this means more final footage of all the automata and other props…

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