Creating Snapper – The Venus FlyTrap for John Lewis

Snapper the Venus Flytrap

At Dick George Creatives, we enjoy a good challenge, and creating a 4m high potted Venus flytrap certainly fit the bill. This involved making a 3D replica of Snapper, the hero plant from the John Lewis Christmas video, now proudly displayed at Kew Botanical Gardens for this year's illuminated trail.

Moulding elements

Crafting the giant prop involved meticulously sculpting each leaf, then creating moulds for the fibreglass components.


Supported by a sturdy steel frame construction, the display is enhanced with custom-designed LED sequenced lighting throughout.

Hello Snapper!

Eight giant heads or mouths on storks, tower over the pathway, inviting visitors to take photos. Each head has an array of illuminated tendrils, sequenced to give Snapper a warm and friendly feel.

With the installation complete, there's a moment to reflect proudly on our creative team's accomplishments in such a short time. Our thanks to the team at Kew Gardens who were a pleasure to work with.