Art & Design Manufacture

Our team will collaborate with you to bring your art piece to life. Over the years we have helped to aid many artists with the manufacture of their art pieces.

We provide a completely bespoke service to every artist we meet and are very aware that each design, whether it’s the materials or methods used are unique.

We have the ability to work with all materials in any size. We also still use a great deal of traditional techniques alongside modern technologies.

Our team would be happy to aid in the manufacture of your artistic design. Some of our prior projects have included a bespoke art collection, large sculptures and custom furniture.

Art & Design Manufacture Case Studies

Tag Heuer | Metal Outdoor Sculpture

Art & Design

We created an outdoor sculpture of a man using metal work

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Bespoke Office Art | Rousseau Design

Art & Design Manufacture

Manufacture of custom office art pieces for 1 St Dunstins Hill office for Rousseau Design

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