18 August 2011

Hugo Cabret

Hugo orrery
In the trailer for Martin Scorsese’s ‘Hugo’, Hugo looks up at his father and says, ‘Who built him?’ and his father replies, ‘I would think a magician.’

Not a magician but a very dedicated team of prop makers who are proud to have created the automaton for Martin Scorsese’s ‘Hugo’. It is due to be launched around Thanksgiving this year.

Brian Selznick the author of ‘the Invention of Hugo Cabret” saw the automata for the first time and  said that he was shocked by their ‘beauty’ and ‘brilliance’.

Take a look at the trailer when you get a second and please be assured that everything you see is for real, none of the automata are digital or optical effects.

You can view the movie trailer here and find out information about release dates, as this is Martin Scorsese’s first venture into 3D film the trailer is also being shown in 3D within 3D cinemas.

The invention of Hugo Cabret website, gives you all the information about the orginal story by Brian Selznick which is the inspiration for Scorsese’s movie.

Michael Start an automata expert, collector and restorer was the art department advisor for the film his wesbsite can be found

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