11 October 2011

Hugo – Suprise Film at New York Film Festival

Last night Martin Scorsese”s Hugo was unveiled as the suprise film at the Avery Fisher Hall as part of the New York Film Festival. The film was presented still unfinished and described by Martin Scorsese himself as a “work in progress”.

Along with the first showing of the soon-to-be-finished movie, a “behind the scenes” trailer was released, which can be found here.

Within the trailer you are able to catch glimpses of the variety of automata we created for the movie. There is a snippet of Hugo running with the “mechanical man” as Martin Scorsese defines him and the fully restored automaton towards the end ???????? ????????? ???????? of the trailer.

This release of new footage makes us genuinely proud to have created the automaton, as well as other props for the movie. It only installs more excitement to watch the whole story unfold when it is finally released.

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Find out more about the audience”s reaction to the first showing here.

Photograph: Paramount Pictures.






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