27 October 2011

Hugo – Trailer 2

With the US release date for Hugo on the 23rd of November just around the corner and, the excitement of the surprise New York Film Festival screening, the anticipation of Martin Scorsese”s family mystery adventure is gathering.

So what better way to increase expectations but to release a second trailer for the movie?

From our point of view it is great to see new shots of the automaton including more action sequences of Hugo and his mechanical man, (not to mention the ones we”ve already seen).

Other props we produced for the movie have started to crop up too. For instance, Jude Law (Hugo”s father) fixing the Orrery we created and Ben Kingsley (Melies) desperately burning our scenery flattage. These are just two of our collection of props featured in the new trailer.

Matt Goldberg from collider.com suggested that the trailer “plays up the dramatic aspects of the story…but it”s visuals take center stage”. The reactions of the first glimpse of the film at the New York Film festival agree with Goldberg”s statement. It was suggested that Hugo was as much a children”s adventure movie as a tribute to the history of cinema. You can find his article and the third trailer here.

Again here at Dick George Creatives we are very proud to be part of the making of Hugo and this trailer just increases our anticipation for its release.

The new trailer and the original can also be found here

Interesting article on Martin Scorsese”s thoughts on Hugo here





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