31 October 2011

Razor Sharp Halloween Special

It”s fop.
Finest in the shop.
And we have some shepherd”s pie peppered
With actual shepherd on top!
And I”ve just begun —
Here”s the politician, so oily
It”s served with a doily,
Have one!

Source: Lyrics on Demand

In 2007 Tim Burton released his  adaptation of Stephen Sondheim”s Sweeney Todd. The movie is a gory account of Benjamin Barker (Johnny Depp), the barber who famously with the help of  Mrs Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter) created the best pies in London, made out of his barber shop customers.

Dick George Creatives were responsible for bringing Sweeney Todd”s  “friends”, his trusty razors to life. Ron Magid wrote “these are no ordinary razors but exquisite instruments for slitting the throats of Londoners” (2007).

Source: Art Finder

The razors were produced in a set of seven, stored in a leather bound box. The original sculpts were based on William Blake”s last judgement. Seven different designs were inspired by the painting, which depicts human souls in the process of travelling to representations of heaven and hell. Blakes” image of the human forms mimic the curve of the razors themselves.

Two complete sets of the seven razors were created for the movie as well as, a selection with sharp hand ground blades, a number of over sized razors for close up reflection shots and provided a number of blades and handles to Special Effects in order for them to create the correct procedure of drawing blood from Sweeney”s victims.

Dick George and his team didn”t just create the razors for Sweeney Todd they created all the shaving equipment you see in the movie, the shattered mirrors, the retractable cane of the Beadle Bamford (pictured below) and the George and the Dragon signet ring that Sweeney Todd himself wears, amongst other props.

Why not take a look at Johnny Depp and his “friends” in action here.

Or check out Ron Magid”s article and exclusive photos of the razors here.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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