21 November 2011

Hugo Filmmakers


With only two days until the US premier of Hugo on the 23rd of November, we are seeing more and more glimpses of the final 3D world Martin Scorsese and his team have created. From our point of view at Dick George Creatives this means more final footage of all the automata and other props we produced for the movie.

There is a great Q & A with James Cameron and Martin Scorsese here.

Also heyuguys.co.uk release great up-to-date Hugo Movie news, including photos and videos.

The Hugo website have updated their videos and photos. They  have also added sections where you can read about the people who were involved in making Hugo including Dick George Creatives” very own Dick George! Check out Dick”s history in the film business and other projects he”s worked on over the years here.

With reactions from the likes of Richard Corliss of Time declaring it “a masterpiece” and Peter Travers from Rolling Stone exclaiming that “Hugo will take your breath away”, we cannot wait to see the 3D adventure unfold before our eyes.



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