13 August 2014

Fury Tank Interior Set

Fury tank

We had a very busy summer last year working on both Fury and Into the Woods at the same time. Fury was a very fast paced experience and we built the whole interior set of the tank in under 6 weeks. The challenge was to create the interior panels  to match the World War 2  Sherman Tank that was driven on location. Each section of the set could be taken apart and moved out of the way to make room for cameras and for the actors to move around them. It was an exciting challenge to try and match World War Two fixings, we also wired an original control panel to be controlled by the actors and crew off set also.

Amongst the tank interior set panels, we also adapted a number of world war two microphones, goggles and tank treds.

The photo below is a member of our crew in the tank before all of the interior panels were dressed.


Tank Interior

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