13 August 2014

Into the Woods Props and Scenery

Into the Woods promo photo

(All shelving, scales, baker’s counter created by Dick George Creatives)

Finally the film is out and we can share with you the props we made for Into the Woods. We worked alongside Anna Pinnock who was the Set Dresser for the movie and had the opportunity to create a great deal of fairytale props.

The story of “In to the Woods” is based around a baker and his wife trying to break a curse that has been set upon the baker’s family from his birth. The great part about the storyline is that it encoprorates classic fairytale characters into the tale and has some amazing songs too.  This was an exciting project to work on and our team used a variety of materials and finishes to create and produce each of the props.

Below is just a small selection of the props we made for the movie and you should check out the trailer here.

Rapunzel’s Mirror (below)

Mirror Prop

Baker’s Dough Bin (Below)

Prop - Bakers counter

Giant’s Harp (below)

Prop In to the woods Harp


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