29 September 2015

Partners in Crime TV series Props

Earlier this year we were part of the making of the BBC TV series, Partners in Crime and created a number of different props.

The series featured David Walliams and Jessica Raine as Agatha Christie’s crime fighting husband and wife duo. We worked alongside Claudia Parker, the set dresser for the series and created an array of props including Albert’s mechanical arm, the car tracking device, exploding typewriter and a de-constructed replica WW2 bomb, which is found in the final episode. The replica included a fully functional countdown unit and a remote countdown and light control panel. The whole team enjoyed creating replica pieces that were engineered with a crime fighting twist. Below are a few photos of our creations (shots from the show are from bbc.co.uk).

dgc Articulated Hand underneath

dgc Articulated Hand

dgc Matthew wearing hand 1

dgc _Trunk Lid on

Bomb Screen Shot

Bomb partners in crime


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