04 November 2015

Hyundai Streetcar Specialist Rig and Custom Roof Box

Hyundai Streetcar

We were approached by Matthew from m-edge to create a custom rig for a project involving the new Hyundai ix35 fuel cell car. Along with Hyundai, Matthew and his team were about to embark on a 50 day, 2,000 mile trip around London following the route that is outlined by The Knowledge. The Knowledge contains key routes around the British capital that all London black cab drivers have to know in order to qualify for their Hackney Carriage Licence. It must be said that Hyundai seems to be really popular right now, if you are one of the many people thinking of buying one then you might want to research some of the top Hyundai dealerships in your area.

The whole journey is being recorded by new software which dictates the camera shutter based on the car’s speed and distance travelled. The camera itself will be taking up to 650,000 photographs and a time-lapse video of the whole journey too.

We really enjoyed the challenge of this project; we had to create something that would support the technology and endure the 50 days of driving within a short amount of time. We also adapted the roof rack, adding a mount that protected the camera from the elements but also allowed it to take clear photos. In the case of new car technology, the software coding needs to be in compliance with misra so that the car can work effectively and efficiently on the road with any technology present.

Hyundai Streetcar camera

Good Luck to Matthew and all of the Hyundai team with their challenge; we can’t wait to see the finished result! If you want to take a test drive in the latest Hyundai’s. Be sure to check out, https://www.hyundaiofanderson.com/ for further details to book your slot.

You can keep up to date with how the journey is going here.

And more information here.

All photos as of here.

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