25 January 2017

“A Day in the Life of a Refugee” at the World Economic Forum 2017

Our team is just back from Davos, where once again we were proud to have been involved in the design and construction of the Refugee Run for Crossroads Foundation.

sculpture of refugees

We transformed the underground carpark below the Hilton Hotel the week before the World Economic Forum opened. Over a 6 day period, we created a number of simulated environments through which conference delegates would walk.

photo of the refugee area

Throughout the project we worked closely with Crossroads to create realistic scenarios and help highlight issues that need addressing by global leaders.

The refugee experience began in the initial reception area, where the main feature was a lifesize sculpture depicting a refugee family. The journey then continued through a network of different environments: a village leaders house, minefield, border crossing and 500sqm refugee camp, with tents and medical centre.

set for immersive event, restricted areapart of set, refugee area

This was a unique build showcasing utilising our film and television propmaking skills to create a believable and realistic environments and showcasing the plight of displaced people. The majority of the props and physical entities were built in our studio and transported to Switzerland with final construction and set dressing completed onsite.

photo of afghan house

tin shed set

Once again we were pleased and proud to be involved in this worthwhile venture.



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