26 May 2017

Sony Play Station ‘For Honor’ PS4 Replica Helmets

sony playstation For Honour game

We were commissioned by the award winning Circle Agency to manufacture the three iconic replica helmets from the new Sony PlayStation PS4 game ‘For Honor’.

The replica helmets were manufactured to be exact full-size replicas of the heroes’ armour from the game.

The bespoke pieces needed to be finished prior to the launch of the game. The tight timeline pulled together all of our prop making team’s skills and resources to create the unique armour.

We were very pleased with the final result of these promotional models and hope their recipients enjoy them.

In addition to the helmets, we digitally printed the fabric flags for each of the three factions, these were used as photographic backdrops for the finished pieces.

Many thanks to Circle Agency for providing the final edited images.

helmet prop

props for sony playstation

helmet props for playstation

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