13 March 2018

Bringing a consumer brand to life

Experiential marketing is growing in popularity

The ability to draw your customers into an interactive experience can be a great marketing tool. This is why some companies have a chat bot for customer service on their website to interact with customers. However, the interactive experience can be taken a step further through life-sized props and simulated settings to create something very powerful. Such campaigns are designed to leave lasting memories and evoke positive emotions. Done well, they build trust too, as you invite your customers to quite literally enter and become part of your world. In order to create such successful campaigns, a business first needs to understand their consumer. They can do so by carrying out extensive market research as well as using sites like https://www.sheerid.com/tribal_marketing_and_consumer_tribe_behavior/ to pinpoint certain characteristics and behaviors.

As consumer marketing grows ever more sophisticated, so do the appetites of your target audiences. People no longer wish to have information handed to them, they want to be in on the action right from the start. The rise of social media has resulted in a worldwide demand for instant interaction with our favourite brands through Twitter, Facebook, messaging facilities or debating fora. The internet has become the main place for marketing nowadays, so it’s important that businesses make full use of that. Social media is a great place to start, but you might also want to consider using some other techniques alongside that. For example, search engine optimization is another popular marketing method these days, helping websites to rank higher on search engines. This increases website traffic and helps businesses to grow their operations. To incorporate some seo services into your marketing campaign, you could search online to find some of the best marketing agencies that could help you, such as Victorious and others similar.

Any author will agree that the best plots are revealed by ‘showing’ what is going on, rather than simply ‘telling’. Engaging the imagination and cutting through unnecessary detail to get to the main point. To coin another phrase, a picture can tell a thousand words, so how much more effective will a 3D, life-sized model be, especially one that moves or reacts to its audience in real time?

Experiential marketing props

At Dick George Creatives, we have designed and created our fair share of experiential marketing props. From guerrilla marketing sculptures to outdoor advertising models; bespoke commemorative items to consumer launch props, we have created multiple 3D models and props to enrich the consumer experience.

Examples include a set of highly detailed replica helmets, armour and flags that formed the focus of the launch of the Sony Playstation PS4 game, For Honor.

Sony Playstation PS4 game, For Honor.

We produced two 12ft high giant wine bottles that were mounted on London taxis and used for publicity when the Tour de France came over to England. These were followed two years later by two more bottles for the Tour’s Dutch leg. Cheers!

Bringing a consumer brand to life

Our engineering skills were put to the test when we were asked by a synthetic diamond supplier to develop a commemorative hourglass containing diamond grit instead of traditional sand. The glass had to be extremely tough to withstand scratches from the diamonds and styled in a unique, cutting-edge way to reflect the innovative approach of the commissioning company. Recipients of the hourglass needed to be able to feel the modern, exciting edge that the company was able to provide when holding this unique piece in their hands.

Diamond grit hourglass

As our horizons are expanded further and further by the rapid development of technology, so our marketing methods must keep pace and work harder to inspire and retain customer loyalty. Of course, the type of incentive marketing that we may decide to incorporate as a business will be hugely important in ensuring that we’re focusing on the relevant area of our customer database to help strategize the best customer loyalty program.

We hope these examples all show how the beauty of experiential marketing lies in providing this sought-after innovation, imagination and ability to impress. And if this has sparked your imagination please give us a call on 020 8339 2555 or email us.

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