15 March 2018

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Netflix were about the launch their latest series of A Series of Unfortunate Events. We were approached to build a working fairground fortune telling machine from which Count Olaf would offer his fortunes.

Model Head Prop, Count Olaf for Netflix A Series of Unfortunate Events

This was an exciting project, we had to sculpt and model Count Olaf’s head to accurately match the face of the actor who was wearing a prosthetic. We manufactured Count Olaf’s costume and dressed the inside of the box with artefacts from the series, all of which were unique so also had to be manufactured.

The mechanical piece was in a stand-alone cabinet so that it could be transported to various locations. As this was primarily for a photo opportunity, the unit was glazed with specialist, non-reflective glass. The unit not only needed to be operational when the button was pressed but also needed to have a proximity sensor which activated Count Olaf as people walked past, to entice them to have a go!

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