26 March 2018

Taking on Tomb Raider

We were delighted to be involved in creating a series of key props for the latest Tomb Raider film starring Alicia Vikander.

It was great fun working with the art department and solving some of the creative challenges that always come up when creating large props.

Here, in our workshop, you can see the steel and glass museum style cabinets being assembled.

glass cabinet prop for tomb raider

Eight of these cabinets display various artworks in the boardroom of Croft Holdings.

our props in the boardroom during tomb raider scene

You will spot ancient hand-illuminated documents and manuscripts throughout the film. We spent many hours painstakingly hand painting and adding gold leaf, which highlights the intricate details.

Special papers were selected to withstand the artwork and ageing effect. 
ancient paper scroll prop for tomb raider

We crafted the gun cabinet for the pawn shop with laser-cut racking, which had to support a variety of automatic weapons that needed to precisely fit into position.

gun cabinet prop for tomb raider

Once in the puzzle room, Lara needs to solve a series of tumbler sequences in order for the door to open. Each tumbler holds a different jewel and only a specific combination will release the mechanism.

We worked on producing the selection of jewels and interlocking jewel combinations, as well as the wall tumblers they fitted into.

The intricacies of  this meant that a lot of time and technical deliberation was spent over constructing the tumblers. We finally designed the mechanism to accept multiple combinations of assembled and disassembled jewels.

It was important to make sure everything fitted and worked perfectly for filming the close-up and cutaway sequences.

hand prop for tomb raider

We were delighted to be involved in creating some key features for Himoko’s sarcophagus and as such overcoming some interesting engineering challenges.

himoko prop

Happily, Himoko worked like a dream for every shot!

Please get in touch if you have an idea for a large prop that you’d like to discuss. You can give us a call on 020 8339 2555 or email us.

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