04 June 2020

Free Consultation Surgeries

Film prop

Tap into our expertise! There appears to be some emerging light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully, our creative world can start getting back on track, whatever that track is. As a service to the creative industry, we are offering free, on-line surgeries to give existing and prospective clients that all-important knowledge of…

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20 November 2018

Case study: Fantasy Battlefield Replica

Fantasy Battlefield Replica

In the computer gaming world, the next instalment of a game is always eagerly anticipated. The project for Sublime Sublime Promotions, a division of Lime Communications, is a leading brand partnerships and promotions agency, orchestrated the big reveal for the latest version of one of the most popular fantasy under-world battlefield video games. Matthew Loader,…

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07 November 2018

One Family UK Charity

One Family UK

We were delighted to be involved with the charity One Family UK’s campaign to raise awareness of human trafficking. We built and dressed five different scenarios, each of which was a 3-metre square pop-up structure placed in key locations around the City of London. Each display showcased the plight of human trafficking in the modern world, which…

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07 October 2018

Llamas appear across Europe

Giant animal models of Llamas

If you are a fan of the online game Fortnite you will be familiar with the Llamas, which were introduced in version 3.3. Fortnite has recently taken over the world, with millions of people worldwide playing the game. Some people have made careers out of playing Fortnite, whilst others compete professionally in e-sport competitions. These…

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13 March 2018

Bringing a consumer brand to life

Wine Bottle Props on Taxis

Experiential marketing is growing in popularity The ability to draw your customers into an interactive experience can be a great marketing tool. This is why some companies have a chat bot for customer service on their website to interact with customers. However, the interactive experience can be taken a step further through life-sized props and…

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26 May 2017

Bespoke Commemorative Hourglasses

Bespoke Hourglass Custom Gift

We were approached by Element Six to design and develop a commemorative product. The chosen product was an hourglass which utilised their diamond grit in place of the traditional sand. Diamond, being one of the hardest substances, is very abrasive, therefore, the hourglass vessel had to be manufactured in glass to prevent scratching. We worked…

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Sony Play Station ‘For Honor’ PS4 Replica Helmets

Replica helmets for computer game

We were commissioned by the award winning Circle Agency to manufacture the three iconic replica helmets from the new Sony PlayStation PS4 game ‘For Honor’. The replica helmets were manufactured to be exact full-size replicas of the heroes’ armour from the game. The bespoke pieces needed to be finished prior to the launch of the…

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04 November 2015

Hyundai Streetcar Specialist Rig and Custom Roof Box

Photo of specialist rig and custom roof box on car for Hyundai Streetcar campaign

We were approached by Matthew from m-edge to create a custom rig for a project involving the new Hyundai ix35 fuel cell car. Along with Hyundai, Matthew and his team were about to embark on a 50 day, 2,000 mile trip around London following the route that is outlined by The Knowledge. The Knowledge contains…

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13 August 2015

Custom Aston Martin Leather Trunks

Custom Aston Martin Leather Trunk

In conjunction with GLS Design we have created a set of 6 bespoke leather trunks for Aston Martin Lagonda to hold their samples for their new Q Range of cars. The range allows the buyer to customise their own Aston Martin down to the colour of the stitching. The trunks were fully leather clad inside…

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13 July 2014

Giant Wine Bottles for Tour De France Caravan

Wine Bottle Props on Taxis

For the past couple of months our workshop has been taken over by two 12ft wine bottles. We were asked by Andy and Philip from Grand Central to create two 12ft wine bottles to be featured as part of the caravan for the 2014 Tour De France. Each of the bottles were carved out of…

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